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26 декабря 2012
Criminal responsibility for tax evasion (Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) – some aspects and amendments related to the new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine coming into force and respective amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine
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31 марта 2011KM Partners
Criminal liability for tax evasion (Art. 212 of Ukrainian Criminal Code) - marginal amounts underpaid which may give rise to criminal liability in the context of entry into force of the Tax Code of Ukraine as well as some other issues of importance
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12 января 2011KM Partners
What VAT rate should be applied in accordance with the Tax Code? What rate should be applied for deduction of VAT credit? The risks and the necessity to obtain tax consultations
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22 июля 2015
Changes of the court fee payment: how much will the taxpayer pay for the dispute with the tax body?
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15 июля 2015
Beneficial recipient of dividends – non-resident and final beneficial owner of the company: is it possible to equal these notions?
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15 июля 2015
Military-transport obligation in a new light. What has been changed?
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8 июля 2015
Technical debt = abuse of power by tax authorities – confirmed by the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine! (updated)
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8 июля 2015
Cash registers: what’s new?
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1 июля 2015
Technical debt = abuse of power by tax authorities - confirmed by the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine!
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22 июня 2015
Application of the median of price (profitability) range or why the median means one more “improvement” for taxpayers
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15 июня 2015
Requests of investigative bodies to render information and documents under Article 93 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine. Possible consequences of refusal to provide documents and information
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3 июня 2015
Semi-decentralization in the sphere of architecture and construction control
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2 июня 2015
The new list of low tax states adopted by the CMU or when one shall prove his right on expenses
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27 апреля 2015
Starting from April 8, 2015 bringing to responsibility for violation of customs regulations can be challenged in the courts of all instances
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22 апреля 2015
Non-residential real estate tax in 2015 – point of controversy provoked by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
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20 марта 2015
How to reflect the outstanding amounts on VAT return on February 2015
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18 марта 2015
VAT is definitely an indirect tax but it is not so indirect…
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16 марта 2015
Deregulation Act abolished the state registration of franchise agreements
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11 марта 2015
The new law on business deregulation was adopted in Ukraine
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5 марта 2015
Will the court become fair?
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5 марта 2015
Currency restrictions applied by the National Bank of Ukraine – the old ones continued and the new ones introduced as well
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5 марта 2015
Practical application of the moratorium on mortgage foreclosure
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26 февраля 2015
New resolutions of NBU. Restrictions aimed at “strengthening of UAH”
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6 февраля 2015
News on single social contribution
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5 февраля 2015
Legalization of remuneration of labour. New in regulation of employment relations and responsibility of an employer
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3 февраля 2015
New rules in PIT taxation and war fee
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3 февраля 2015
Registration of franchise agreements (subfranchise agreements) – what, where, when and how?
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27 января 2015
Changes in the Tax Code related to the grounds and frequency of the tax audits
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27 января 2015
Tax reform in pictures and not only this
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23 января 2015
Export and import (including other custom regimes other than import) may be taxed by additional import duty.
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23 января 2015
When there is no one who shall pay the tax on immovable property other than a land plot and why there is no rate for payment of land fee in 2015? Law on tax reform - nothing but dealing with mistakes
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20 января 2015
Tax compromise
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19 января 2015
Beginning of the Law on tax reform as a characteristic sign
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16 января 2015
Rent payment. General overview.
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14 января 2015
How many taxes are in Ukraine?
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13 января 2015
Changes to the transfer pricing or not a year without changes
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12 января 2015
Lands outside settlement boundaries are beyond the taxation due to submission of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
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8 января 2015
Real estate tax (according to recent legal developments) and tax on "a car with a big engine" are not legally to be paid at least in 2015
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30 декабря 2014
Daily print of cash register checks (Z-report): The Supreme Court of Ukraine expressed the official position on the issue
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25 декабря 2014
Amicable settlement in tax disputes
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22 декабря 2014
Since 1st of January 2015 power of attorney for receiving goods and materials will be cancelled. Which documents will need business in order to confirm actual receipt of the goods by the authorized person after New Year?
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4 декабря 2014
Currency restrictions shall be in force till spring
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2 декабря 2014
Is the tax reform necessary?
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19 ноября 2014
Electronic VAT administration in slides: what is changing, the problems that are still remaining (line 24, line 23.2), and the aim of introduction of VAT electronic accounts and other (updates as of 25.11.2014)
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10 ноября 2014
Review of the court practice in cases related to qualification of payments for the right to use the software as royalty
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31 октября 2014
The NBU cancelled some of currency restrictions of the Resolution No. 540
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8 октября 2014
Practical conclusions on payment of services according to the current changes to the Resolution No. 540 (continuation of the article “Foreign currency restrictions at maximum or the Resolution of the NBU No.591 as of 22.09.2014”)
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8 октября 2014
The tax authority clarifies its Methodological recommendations in the part of the changes of the moment of the initiation of criminal proceedings under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
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3 октября 2014
War fee: urgent issues
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2 октября 2014
KM Partners have finished the five-year process of integration in WTS Alliance - a global network of tax and legal consulting firms represented in about 100 countries worldwide
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